5 Points To Consider For Your Next Freebie


Working online and offering Freebies is one of the most important ways to reach your audience and connect with your ideal client.

Freebies is a powerful tool to use! You need to keep the client’s needs in mind, and the purpose for what you have to offer, for your freebie to be a success.

It provides your potential client with important information to solve a problem for them.

  1. Helps To Attract Your Ideal Client

Creating a freebie, you need to work backwards, in other words – from the end to the beginning.  Always keep your ideal clients in mind when creating your Freebie.  To be successful, it must ideally offer a solution to your clients’ problems.

To create and build a powerful and successful freebie to reach your target audience, and for opt-ins to grow your email list please see my course HERE.

It is just the same as going to a store, when there are specials or freebies, the people are more eager to go there and buy what they need at discounted prices. If the client is happy and customer satisfaction is applied, they will return. If not, you will never hear from them again.  The same applies here.

  1. Watch Out For Freebie-Seekers (They Don’t Buy)

Although freebies are the way to get clients, one must be cautious of freebie-seekers. There are many people out there that only go for free stuff.

Free Stuff is attractive to people. If they can get something for nothing, they are happy and it fulfils some sort of need within themselves. I believe that there might be many reasons why people do this. One might be that they wanted to learn about something or in need of something, but they do not have the means to buy it, or they might be interested but not enough to purchase the product, service or opportunity given to them through the freebie. And then you get those that are hoarders, they just collect freebies just because they can.

  1. Easy to Consume Content

When putting your freebie together the content must be easy to digest. Creating content that is too long and time consuming is not going to attract people. Create what you are offering in a short and direct way, the person reading it must be able to immediately know that that is what they are looking for and then, BUT only then will they act immediately, without a second thought.

  1. Always Have An Upsell

The reason freebies exist is to get the attention of potential, ideal clients/customers, after opt-in on the freebie the goal is to tell these people about other services or more choices of what you have to offer to solve their problem.

That is where upsell is part of this process. You must always have an upsell in place – not knowing what this is and how to do it – then consider my course HERE where I teach you how to build your funnel, where you will gift your freebie and have your upsell ready for action for those people who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Remember Your Email Sequence

After successfully creating your funnel – which you use to share your freebie, you will now get some email addresses of potential buyers. The IMPORTANT THING to do is to get your email sequence in place, without it, you will lose your potential buyer and all your hard work will be for nothing.

Email sequence is a way to ‘talk’ to your potential client in a step-by-step, little-by-little way reminding and informing them about the problem that he/she has and that by making use of your service, product, or opportunity how their lives will be changed. Urging them to take action.

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