The Importance of a well laid out brand


The philosophy of branding can be defined as the set of values and code of ethics. The principles define the culture of the business and formulate the business practices of the company.

It is about creating a personal brand to represent you and your values.

Branding is not just about the colors, font, and your logo. No, it is way more than that!

Some elements are an essential part of branding like expectations, memories, stories, and relationships all put together. Branding is human and emotional, bringing what makes you tick to the foreground, and reaches out to those around you, helping you to interact with them in a way that will add value to their lives.  Your value-added service or product will ensure that people reevaluate their lives, and they will want to make positive and beneficial changes with regards to their behaviors, thought patterns, and possibly even their diets.   Your service or product represents YOU, it is part of your being, your values, your way of living, thoughts, and actions.  It represents the person BEHIND the brand.

Elements of Branding: 

Your Logo and Favicon; The Voice you use in your Content and Marketing – Authenticity; Colors and Fonts; Mission and Vision Statement; Marketing Message; The Look and Feel – Brand Images

 Keeping consistency when it comes to images and your messages, will make you stand out as an expert, additionally, it makes you easily recognizable to your audience.

Consistency creates confidence – when your audience sees and identifies that you mirror your brand across all your platforms, as well as with your thoughts and actions, this will reassure them of your authenticity.  They will then want to do business with you, as an individual, as well as the brand that you represent.

Consistency also creates a peaceful environment – Your harmonious brand will be recognizable and will ensure that people feel confident and relaxed, and as a result, there will be no doubt in their minds that their business is in very capable hands.

Your tagline says a lot about you

What does your tagline/slogan tell people?

This is the one short sentence or phrase that must, without a doubt, tell people what you represent and what you can offer them.  Your tagline/slogan is very important, you need to take special care and think it through thoroughly to ensure that it forms a strong connection with people.  You will need to use powerful words and a resonating message which ties in with your brand identity.  It must be memorable and draw people’s attention towards your brand and service or product, and as a result, they will want to connect with you to add value to their personal and business lives.

Overwhelmed, not knowing where to start with the branding process?

Check out my Course: BRANDING FOR SUCCESS … in this course, you will learn how to choose a Business Name that reflects what you have to offer and brand it according to your own unique personal brand that stands out from the rest.

High level executives who work for prestigious organizations, want quality clothes and travel first class, they are not going to want a bargain bucket VA / Freelancer.  If they see themselves as the Rolls Royce of Consultants, they will expect a Rolls Royce VA / Freelancer– and they will pay for it because they understand that quality comes at a price.

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