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Beatrice - case study

This is a case study on How a Frustrated 9-5 Office Administrator Started Her Own Virtual Assistant Business Through the Business Blueprint Course.

Entering new jobs can be scary and intimidating. And now that you are working in the “real world,” you definitely have some expectations about it. The thing is, working is where you will be spending most of your time. So your safety and happiness are essential.

You have the right to work in an environment that is free from danger… You also deserve to be happy while working…


What if you found out that most of those expectations are off at your new workplace? What will you do?

Learn how this 9-5 office administrator turned her frustrations and struggles into building her own business.

Meet Beatrice.

She’s an Italian who was frustrated with her country’s high unemployment rate and lack of stable employment opportunities. As soon as she learned about Cultural Care Au Pairs in November 2013… She knew she wanted to work in the United States. And so she left Italy by February 2014.

She then decided to enrol in college as a result of her passion for learning.

“At the same time, I started managing social media for the Office of International Programs on campus, and enjoyed it.”

After finishing her college degree… In 2019, she made the decision to move back to Italy because she missed her family. Immediately, she applied for a job as an office administrator.

Just when she thought that this would be a good start for her career…

She discovered that her workplace has a toxic culture. She couldn’t even express her dissatisfaction because she was “only” a new employee…

Meetings, training, and tasks were not organized in any way. Furthermore, she found out that collaboration or teamwork do not exist, and suggestions are taken in a bad light…

“I tried to bring up my concerns, but because I was new they ignored it. It was frustrating.”

The result was that she grew increasingly unhappy overtime…

One thing for certain, Beatrice didn’t want to stay under that condition anymore.

So, she started looking for alternatives. And when her contract ended as an office administrator, she no longer renewed it.

“The idea of working on something for myself by myself started running through my mind.”

And because of that, she did something about it. She began searching for jobs as an English and Italian translator. While she searched the internet for online work, she also helped her friend as a waitress. But the desire to be her own boss is growing stronger every day…

In the course of her search… She came across a YouTube video about how to work from home. She remembered that the video talked about being a Virtual Assistant (VA) to business owners.

She then recalls her time as a social media manager for the Office of International Program in college, which she enjoyed.

As she flashes back, the woman in the video said it’s easy to start a VA business. But, you must do some free work to earn testimonials and referrals.

“So I went to Facebook and searched for different virtual assistant groups. I wrote posts that I was offering my services for free.”

Someone replied to her posts and they began working together. She started working for free for a few clients from November 2020 to March 2021. To gather testimonials, she performed administrative tasks, manage emails, and wrote blogs.

“I’ve been doing a lot of things. I kinda got this business started and I’m happy doing it. I just have to make this a reality and make a living off it.”

However, it came to a point where she felt overwhelmed and exhausted. She recalls that she lacked the structure and system for marketing her service, attracting clients, and onboarding them. Everything that she has done was trial and error during those times.

This left her feeling lost.

And, remember she was unpaid for all those tasks. After a while, she began to believe that pursuing this VA business was a waste of time.

Just when Beatrice was about to give up, she came across Chantelle in a Facebook group.

Beatrice realized that the trial and error process she was implementing was taking too much of her time… And she was not getting any income from it.

So when someone in a Facebook group offered a free chat about setting up and systematizing their VA business, Beatrice took it.

“Chantelle came just at the right time. She offered a free chat, so I took that and we chatted a little bit. I remember enjoying the call very much because she was so genuine.”

Chantelle told Beatrice of her Business Blueprint coaching service which would be running on its third batch. Beatrice felt this was what she needed to level up her VA business.

She had encountered other virtual assistant coaching services before, but she disliked the pressure they put on her to buy from them.

Unlike those other coaches… She felt different when she talked with Chantelle. She felt her genuine care to help.

Following their initial chat, she went with her gut feeling and enrolled in the Business Blueprint course after 10 days.

Beatrice’s journey inside Chantelle’s Business Blueprint course...

Beatrice was determined to change her life.

She was serious about learning all that there is inside Chantelle’s Business Blueprint to make her VA business a success. According to Beatrice, the way that the course was put through and the timing encourages you to accomplish the tasks on hand.

Chantelle’s support and accountability inside the blueprint helped her move forward easily. Not to mention the love and support she gets from the members of the group she’s in.

Beatrice was happy with her experience because Chantelle is talking from her own experience.

She has the perfect answer to every question of her students.

“There’s a particular positive energy that belongs to Chantelle. She’s always happy, even if I know she had a tough year. She was always there for us. She has the experience on our side because she did it herself. Chantelle knows because she has been through it.”

It was the perfect decision she had made for herself and her business.

Before the blueprint, Beatrice was almost giving up.

“If I didn’t take the course, I would have already given up on my dreams. In the event I couldn’t afford it then, I would save up through the summer so that I could afford it later. Without Chantelle’s course, I wouldn’t be where I am now and my business wouldn’t be where it is.”

The combination of the training portal, the templates, the group sessions, the 1-on-1 coaching, and the assignments made her go through the course and finish it.

In addition to the lessons, she valued the accountability and community inside the Business Blueprint.

Those two gems are priceless for her.


She no longer feels alone.

She no longer feels misunderstood.

She no longer feels weird about having “crazy” experiences or thoughts.

“This makes me feel backed up. Like, if I need anything, struggling, feeling down, or if I don’t know which way to go – I know that I have someone to go to. There’s someone who can help me. Even now that I’m finished with the blueprint, Chantelle is still lending a hand and it feels great.”

Right after finishing the blueprint… She onboarded one client that up to now, she’s still working with. She acknowledges this to the lessons she picked up from Chantelle’s coaching.

“My next goal is to bring in 10k per month.”

As a result of joining the blueprint and finishing the course… She has established her business’ fundamentals making her confident in growing and scaling it.

She loves that she’s surrounded by people who can help her achieve her goals. She knows that the people inside the blueprint are her biggest assets.

Her advice to those people thinking about getting Chantelle’s Business Blueprint course?

“If you are one of the people who’s getting started with your own virtual assistant business, you need the fundamentals for your business. Chantelle is your go-to person. She has the capability and experience to assist you in getting started. After completing the Business Blueprint, you will feel assured that you can repeat the process. You will also feel more confident about your business, showing up, and making those offers to your target clients.”

“When one door closes, another one opens.”

Her previous workplace may have been unpleasant for Beatrice… But it did not paralyze her.

She searched for other opportunities where she can have a happy working environment, which led her to discover work-from-home options that led her to the VA business industry.

Although it was a difficult journey from the beginning… She asked and sought help when she needed it.

With Chantelle’s help, she gained direction, guidance, and new companionships that she now cherishes and treats as her assets in scaling her business.

As John C. Maxwell said, “The better you are at surrounding yourself with people of high potential, the greater your chance for success.”

If you are serious about setting up your Virtual Assistant business and becoming a confident business owner within 3 months using Chantelle’s Business Blueprint…

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