Why you DON’T need a certificate in becoming a VA

As the VA Industry is not a standardized industry such as IT or Engineering where you get certified by doing courses relevant to the IT or Engineering industry. THEREFORE: One does not need to have a certification in becoming a VA.

Virtual Assistance Business has a very broad scope of services to choose from. It is very important to determine what your skills and services are when you want to start your own business as a Virtual Assistant. Knowing it and narrowing it down gives you a head start and saves you lots of time and money in reaching your dream as a Virtual Assistant.

Being a newbie one can easily get stuck because of too many skills and services and not knowing how to narrow down the list. This makes it difficult to determine who your ideal client will be and in what niche you want to work. This can then cause you to procrastinate because you feel so insecure and unable to go into the market to recruit some clients.

On the other hand, it can also cause you to have a too-long list and you will never really find satisfaction in starting your own Virtual Assistant Business as you will have to work harder than a 9-to-5 job, keeping all those clients happy with tasks that took hours and hours to do. You will burn out and never know that indeed you could have been a very successful Virtual Assistant, the only reason is that you did not successfully narrow down your skills and services to find the perfect client for your specific niche. Every person has a unique niche that fits your personality, your skills, and services, where you can enjoy what you are doing to the fullest and bloom. Having high energy and performing at a 100 percent capacity, while enjoying life.

Most probably you will fall into one the following categories:

1.   Many skills and services (jack of all trades master of none)

This is where you can easily struggle to narrow down your skills and service to be able to get the perfect client within the niche that fits your personality the best.

2.   Few skills and services

Here you can easily think that there is no other skills and services to provide than the ones you already have experience in and just maybe with a bit of exploring oneself by knowing what skills and services there is to offer you will get a huge surprise and find that you actually do have what it takes even if you don’t have experience.

3.   No skills, no services

For this, the only way to gain skills and experience is to explore and gain knowledge. Remember that your entire life has revolved around learning, from communication, writing, and even how to run a household. Some of these skills might seem useless now, but as soon as you start digging deeper, you will notice that you do have something to offer. If you are a good organizer, you can offer organizational services like sorting emails. And YES!! People pay for this service.

ES - Coaching

Many skills are transferable

What does it mean if I say many skills are transferable?

For example, You know how to do filing in a physical office. You know that the files must be in an organized and alphabetical order in a cabinet, dependable on the preferences of the company. Now you are going to work remotely for a client and his filing system on his computer is in havoc. You use the same skills that you have learned to organize the filing system in an office and apply it to the computer filing system.

This is an example of transferable skill. It is a skill you already have and you apply it to a different environment. When you are dealing with a new client see what skills you can make transferable to the client’s needs. If you lack some of the skills don’t hesitate to tell the client, rather than declining the opportunity. Remember you can always learn skills as you go.

You need to know how to do research

Research capabilities are a requirement in any service online. It is easily transferred to any service, niche, or offer. If you do not have this skill, it is the one that you must spend time on and learn how to do. Do not be afraid of failure. Rather try failing than not succeeding at all. With every failure, you will be much closer to reaching your goal.

Time management is a very important soft skill

As with research, time management is an essential soft skill. This can make or break a VA. Improper time management causes a lot of stress on one’s health and it is of the utmost importance to look after oneself in this industry, especially because you are now working on your own schedule between an office, household, and personal, and if you do not have a proper list and plan of to do’s with the deadline you can easily do a lot but still do nothing. Read our blog post here on effective time management.

Have a curious mindset

Yes, this can read similarly to the research section, however, is this something you genuinely enjoy doing? Many business owners like a VA who will use their own initiative and have the willingness to learn. With that comes the wanting to be curious. Do you want to learn more information? Do you want to figure out why a funnel didn’t work how it was planned to? Curiosity will help both you as a VA and also the client who’s lucky to have you!

I invite you to come with me on a journey to explore the skills that you have and by knowing them, determine the services that you can offer. Making your dream a reality.

HERE you will find exactly what you need to bring you closer to your dream.

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