I took the Business Builder Blueprint course and it’s not the first course I’ve taken, but it’s the first one that I have been comfortable enough to truly share my problem areas and get help working through them.  You are an amazing mentor and friend, and amazing at your job.  You take a totally different approach than I’ve seen other coaches take, it’s smaller groups, it’s actually one-on-one and intimate, not 100 people at the same time.  For someone like me, without a lot of office experience and lots of anxiety and imposter syndrome, you gave me opportunities to earn without making me feel dumb and like I should just give up.  You’re always pushing me.  I would have given up a long time ago if I hadn’t met you by chance that day, asking if anyone needed any work done for a testimonial.  The small group aspect of the course is my favourite part, your student grow relationships and bonds and I know most of them will last a lifetime, but the information in the course is gold too.  It’s broken down to where I can understand it and if I can’t, you’re right there to walk me through the parts I’m getting stuck on.  Starting out in this business is hard, there are so many emotions and ups and downs, and combining that with the way life is at the moment, this is a course that I feel everyone should take.  It’s truly building the foundation for your business the right way.


Chantelle’s mentoring and coaching style is both knowledgeable and motivational.  She puts her heart and soul into coaching and has provided me with very valuable support.  Our 1:1 sessions proved to be a great inspiration for self-awareness and personal development.  From the very start, it was clear that her approach was to build a customized VA business development plan that was tailored to my specific needs and would also evolve to my changing needs.  Her positive, enthusiastic character and effective competence as a mentor and coach, has inspired me for both my personal and business long term development and growth.  Best investment I’ve made by far.  Chantelle Venter is an asset and comes highly recommended.


I started my VA business by asking my friend Gwendolyn about where to begin.  She suggested I join groups on Facebook.  I came across Chantelle Venter’s course and the rest is history.  Chantelle was very instrumental in helping me launch m VA Services Business and also helped me secure an independent contractor position with Cascade Virtual.

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