Why You Should Have A Solid Onboarding Process


When onboarding clients, a solid process is required. This is a professional process and you need to establish your authority, ensure that contracts are mutually beneficial and signed by both parties.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) can help you easily delegate tasks at a later point when you start outsourcing.

Solid Process

Being a successful Virtual Assistant the onboarding process is a very important one. This will show that you are organized and have a clear vision of what you offer and what you stand for. This will give the potential client a glimpse of your skills, expertise and give some assurance that you might be a good fit, which will ensure that you build a strong client relationship for years to come.

Professional Process

The onboarding process is a Professional process in which you establish yourself as a specialized service provider to the client. You must clearly know yourself, what you stand for, what you offer, and what your worth is, in order to be able to act with confidence when looking for clients and to continue effectively with the onboarding process. Should you demonstrate a lack of confidence, or low self-worth, you may not be able to secure a working contract with your potential client. You must know what your worth is – see my blog post on this here.

This process is a portal, not only to your services, but how you execute them, and the terms associated with that.  There is a significant amount of documentation that needs to be prepared, agreed to, and signed by both yourself and the client prior to work being performed.  To avoid misunderstandings, this documentation must satisfactorily cover the client’s needs, work to be performed by yourself, terms and conditions, and a legal contract.

An Onboarding kit is designed to cover all the above, and more.

Onboarding Kit

For a smooth and effective onboarding process, you will need to prepare and understand all the below-listed documents, prior to your Discovery call with your potential client.

Contract Template; Welcome Kit; Email Templates and SOP for Onboarding; document guides and templates – All these are provided in my ONBOARDING 101 course.

Understanding the Onboarding Process

To better understand the onboarding process and be fully aware of what you must do to successfully sign up a client I consider the following steps as important.

  1. Where to start: You must know where to start to look for clients in your specific niche.
  2. Discovery call: When you have found the potential client, you need to book a discovery call to see if both you and the client will be a good fit.
  3. The Onboarding Process: When you find that the client is a good fit, and it is a mutual feeling, then you start the onboarding process.
  4. Getting the last details out of the way: Some last things that need to be successfully completed in order to start your business relationship with the new client
  5. Pro-tips: Some pro-tips that I have found are important to act and conclude the onboarding process.

All these are provided in my ONBOARDING 101 course


You may feel that you are confident enough to put yourself out there on your own.  On the other hand, starting out in the VA world can be a bit scary, especially when trying to land your first client. I am here to squash your fears and give you the process to easily and confidently onboard your client.  I will provide you with not only the know-how but also all my pro-tips to ensure it all runs smoothly.  So ‘no stress and no fuss’ in going it alone, just send me a message via the contact page

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