Frustrated with all the "mundane" tasks taking up your time and energy and sucking the fun out of running your business?

As an all rounder, I offer a number of services to help entrepreneurs & freelancers free up time and scale their business


I’ll take care of all the soul sucking tasks that you hate to do even though you know they are important.


Tasks big or small, I do them all. From launches and once off setup, all the way to major releases and automations.


Invest in a beautiful, yet functional website. Monthly maintenance retainers are available on request.


Group couching is offered in the Business Blueprint. 1:1 Coaching is specifically to help you scale your business to the next level.


I provide general administration and bookkeeping services to entrepreneurs to help them relieve the stress of focusing on mundane tasks. 

Ensuring that my clients books are kept up to date and following up on outstanding money. If your finances are not in order, you are opening yourself up to lots of trouble. You need to know your income and expenses to run a successful and sustainable business. 


Are you launching a book or moving your course to a new platform? With extensive knowledge on different online tools, I am able to assist in a number of ways. 

From idea to execution, I will be there to support, guide, and execute your project. No more feeling overwhelmed or worrying about not reaching your intended deadline.


Kerry Schmidt | VA Confidential

“ I’ve been trying to embark on this VA thing for more than a year now and joined Chantelle’s course in November 2020. I could never really find my feet or where I fitted in but in one of our calls, I managed to finally narrow down my niche and am now working full steam in a line that I absolutely love. Chantelle really helped me with my confidence and to understand where my strengths lie so I can really recommend her as a coach. Her course really changed the direction of my VA business for the better. ”


I design complex, yet beautiful websites to attract your ideal client and show off your services. All website design is sold at a once off project rate. 

Website maintenance includes weekly backups, website updates, plugin updates and minor changes to your site to keep it relevant.


My coaching services come in 2 options. You could opt to join my Business Blueprint course and enjoy a 13 week group coaching program with me and no more than 9 other people. 

My 1:1 coaching services helps you set goals, put plans in place, and reach our ultimate dream. Rise up and become the Phoenix.


Natalie Cooke | Aloe Virtual

“Chantelle’s mentoring and coaching style is both knowledgeable and motivational. She puts her heart and soul into coaching and has provided me with very valuable support.

Our 1:1 sessions proved to be a great inspiration for self-awareness and personal development.

From the very start, it was clear that her approach was to build a customized VA business development plan that was tailored to my specific needs and would also evolve to my changing needs.
Her positive, enthusiastic character and effective competence as a mentor and coach, has inspired me for both my personal and business long-term development and growth.

Best investment I’ve made by far. Chantelle Venter is an asset and comes highlyrecommended.