The Power Of Networking


Think about having one single computer in a room, with 5 people needing to take turns to work on it and complete all their individual tasks on hand. It’s extremely time-consuming don’t you think?

NOW think about having 5 separate computers in the same room, all connected to each other through a local area network, with an additional 2 computers, (one in America, and one in Asia), internationally linked via the World Wide Web, using an IP Address to connect.  All 7 people, regardless of their location, can work simultaneously, without delays.  Isn’t that GREAT!!!

The Power of Networking – is this important or not?  Let’s talk about it and you can then decide for yourself.

Builds Authority

Being in the online world or in the corporate world in a leadership position, or a place where you as a person wants to have an impact and change in the environment where you are or find yourself, you must have authority if you want to succeed. People will not listen to you if you live by excuses and not have what it takes to make an impact. As we have seen the brand is YOU, so YOU have to make the impact and the way to do this is by having authority.

When people see how genuine you are, and they get more involved in you as a person, and what you stand for, authority is built around you.  They will begin to trust you and want to be influenced by you and what you have to offer.

How and where will you be able to advertise Your authentic self and connect with people?  By Networking! Networking is known as a place where people connect with each other, who have the same interests and want to learn more from each other, to grow, have a better life, and ultimately to be successful.

Shows Personality

The best place to learn about yourself is in a group of people, where you will be challenged with various personalities and how to personally respond to each of them. This gives you some insight into your own personality if you allow yourself to examine the interactions between you and the other people you are connecting with. There are 3 ways people react in a group: participate; withdraw or run away. If for any reason you have difficulty connecting with people, this will help you to discover what you want and how you are going to react in certain scenarios within your network. Hence this will teach you about your own personality and how to overcome some obstacles on your path to success. In this environment, you will also learn about other types of personalities and how to interact with them.

Be Authentic

People work with people. Be genuine, be authentic, be you! That is all that is to it. Nobody is there to please anybody else, no need to put on masks and hideaway. It is only going to affect you in a negative way. Maybe it is not easy for you to do, but if you can master being authentic, you will have less stress interacting with people and building the right connections. People will have more respect for you and authority will be natural.

Two Types of Networking Events

There are two types of Networking.

IN-PERSON NETWORKING is where people get together at network opportunities such as conferences, trade shows, meetings, and any other in-person events.

ONLINE NETWORKING is where people get together online using platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn,  meetup, zoom, and many more.

The difference between in-person and online networking is that in person you meet people face-to-face, and online it is a virtual reality where you can see or not see the person, start chatting and share your interests and ideas.


Networking is not about getting to know people to use them, it is about getting to know people to build relationships that will last and stand the test of time. Networking is a process of learning and understanding each other, building on trust. It is like a treasure that you carefully protect. All the people that you meet in networking are not to say that they will be part of your journey for the rest of your life, it might be that they are only there for a season, but for that season it is about building relationships, and learning from each other.

In effect, we already know what networking is.  It’s part of our daily lives with our families and friends. Places where we come together to connect with our loved ones and normal every day come and go things that we do, attend, and participate in. It is actually not a new or strange phenomenon. When thinking about it… ask yourself why you are so afraid of Networking when you’ve been networking for most of your life already.  From this perspective, it will be easier to apply it daily in building your business relationships, and it will help us to grow and be successful.

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